Broadway Animal Hospital is a full service companion animal hospital in Orangeville. Doctors B.Yogi and P.Brar are highly regarded by our clients as compassionate and dedicated to their clients and patients.

We understand that our patients are very important to every owner and they are just as important to us. We are committed to providing quality care for your pets. Equipped with the latest technology, we are capable of early detection and treatment of diseases of your pets.





This program is designed to prolong the lives of your pets. Disease prevention is always much better then the treatment of illness.

Surgical Service

At BAH we perform a variety of Surgeries. some of the routinely performed surgeries includes Spaying, Neutering and Soft-tissue

Medical Service

We have separated cat and dog wards, where they can receive medications and intravenous therapies and delivered by trained staff.


BAH has an in-house laboratory. This lab enables rapid turn-around on test such as Blood, Fecal, Heart Worm and FeLV testing.


BAH not only provide a full cleaning and evaluation of your pet's teeth but also prevent any oral disease from creeping up in future.


We perform number of tests like fungal or bacterial cultures, blood tests, skin biopsies and skin scrapings to help diagnose problem related to skin.


Anesthetics are required for surgical procedures that may be painful or required that the patient should lie perfectly still.

Pain Management

A pet can be in pain both before and after surgery, as a result of trauma, from arthritis or other illness. We have variety of options to manage pet's pain.


BAH provide you the service of grooming by caring your pets, such as regular brushing, regular bathing for dogs and trim nails.